Company Profile

PT Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk was established in June 2007. Pursuant to Articles of Association of the Company, the Company engages in general trading which includes business in supermarket and minimarket. The Company is located at Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.9, Cikokol, Tangerang.

In its early establishment, PT Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk was established under the name of PT Midimart Utama. The first store using the name of Alfamidi is located at Jalan Garuda, Central Jakarta.

Alfamidi concept is created to make changes in the consumers’ expenditure or shopping behavior from monthly shopping to weekly shopping at the nearest store. Alfamidi is further developed with the concept of mini supermarket with sales area of 200 until 400 square meters. Compared to other similar store, Alfamidi’s uniqueness is that it provides fresh food, processed meat and frozen food products that are needed by the nearby community.

In 2009, the Company expanded its business activity by developing a type of store named Alfaexpress. This store introduces a concept of a store that provides ready-to-serve foods and drinks.

In 2011, to improve the concept of Alfaexpress, the Company signed Master License Agreement (MLA) with Lawson Inc. From Japan, that provides an exclusive right for the Company to use and act as a sub-franchisor over the trademark and knowhow of Lawson in Indonesia for the period of 25 years. The contract can be extended by mutual agreement of both parties. Lawson is an store that provides ready-to-serve foods and drinks (convenience stores) and sells various Japanese authentic food, such as onigiri and bento; other food, such as fried rice and pasta; and beverages, such as coffee, ice cream, and so on.

In line with the marketing strategy so as not to create an overlap among the existing stores format, the operations of Alfaexpress had been halted since March 2015.

Dynamics retail business in Indonesia continues to develop in line with the growth of middle market segment. Therefore, the Company strives to improve its concept of Alfamidi store by establishing Alfasupermarket in 2015, as a response to market opportunity which is still wide open and as an effort to maximize the Company’s income from operations. Alfasupermarket is designed by adopting supermarket concept, with sales area of more than 500 square meter. Alfasupermarket presents with wider stores to adjust with the needs of customers by offering rich assortment and is supported by competitive marketing strategy. In 2016, to strengthen the brand image and brand awareness of Alfamidi brand, the Company rebranded the Alfasupermarket to Alfamidi super.

The Company upholds a vision of becoming a retail distribution network that is integrated with community, able to fulfill customer needs and expectations, as well as providing best quality services. Therefore, the Company strives to meet this by taking into account the comfort of its customers in the form of provision of daily needs with affordable prices, comfortable store, and convenient location.

The Company also participates in improving society’s welfare through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. The programs are part of the Company’s mission to help and assist the surrounding community. Furthermore, the programs are also intended to encourage the community and other institutions, through franchising scheme, to create new entrepreneurs and open up work opportunities.

During its course of operations, the Company has received many awards from various respectable institutions, such as: the Master Service Awards for category of minimarket from Makassar Research and Makassar Terkini (2011-2012), Customer Loyalty Award as Leader of Net Promoter in the minimarket category from Swa Magazine (2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016), Customer Loyalty Award as Good Net Promoter in the convenience store category from Swa Magazine (2012, 2013, 2015), The Best in Experiential Marketing Award and The Best in Social Marketing Award from Marketing Magazine (2013), Social Media Award from Frontier Consulting Group and Marketing Magazine (2014-2015).

PT Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk is currently one of the retail networks that is easily accessed by the public. By the end of year 2016, total stores of the Company reached 1.265 stores consisting of 1,222 Alfamidi stores, 8 Alfamidi super stores, 35 Lawson stores, spread over Java, Kalimantan, Sumatera and Sulawesi islands. Networking system for these stores comprises of owned store and franchises in partnership with the third party. Supported by more than 19,000 employees, the Company is committed to providing excellent service for millions of customers in Indonesia.